Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring You!

Today I have been thinking about honoring, as it is Veteran's Day. Whatever your thoughts on war, we can still honor those who made the choice (or someone else made it for them) to serve as soldiers and fight for this country. So, if you are a veteran or soldier, I honor you today.

This got me thinking about how often we honor ourselves and the relationships in our lives. When you reach a goal or do something important to you and your self confidence, do you honor that? When you see others you love make a difference in the world, do you honor them? When you see a country decide that it was time to stand up for itself, do you honor it?

Today, I'd like you to sit for a few minutes and consider the people, institutions, relationships, co-workers, loved ones that you would like to honor. Then ask yourself, what can you do today to give that small show of love and respect that will lift them up and help them continue?

Here is my honor roll today:

  • I want to honor veterans and soldiers, present and past, who fought for this or any other country.

  • I'd like to honor my daughter for making a choice to not work in a situation that makes her feel icky.

  • I'd like to honor my husband for being able to laugh at himself in any situation!

  • I'd like to honor my two and a half year old grandson who refuses to let anyone help him with absolutely anything these days. He will do it himself, thank you.

  • Just as importantly, I want to honor myself for learning to stand up, to be willing to shine, and to help others learn to do the same.

Who do you want to honor today?


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stand Up and Vote

In all the discussion we have been having about self esteem and standing up for yourself, I have to mention the ultimate in walking your talk, and that is by VOTING!
This election year more than any other has reminded me that what I believe counts. How my country behaves in the world and supports its people, is my business. If I want things to be different than I have to be willing to stand up and say YES or NO to what I feel is right.
Whether you are a life long voter or new to the process, I guarantee that you will feel a sense of satisfaction and unity by getting out and casting your vote.

If you think it won't make any difference, you can take a look here in Washington state. Last election our governor was elected by just over 100 votes. In a state with millions of people that is extremely close. If the same number of people had not exercised their right to vote, the outcome would have been different. The same race is just that close again this year.
So, get out and vote. Show yourself that you count by standing up for what you believe. Whatever your political affiliation, whatever your path, stating your case and honoring your choice by voting will help build your self esteem.
Thank You!